This event is not about "theories" 

or "what If's"...


 This event is 100% about getting you results

About Eric Bowlin

Eric planned to become a professor and teach as a profession, but in 2009 at the age of 24 he purchased his first 3-family property. That's when he discovered passive income and it changed his life forever.


In 2011 he dropped out of the Ph.D. program in Economics in order to pursue real estate full time. He struggled at first but started to figure out a system that worked and allowed him to exponentially grow. 


In 2015 he moved across the country and got a job. But, he realized that his passive income from real estate was so high, that in January 2016 he quit his job.


That's when his focus and purpose changed. In February 2016 he started the popular real estate blog IdealREI.com. In many ways, it connected him back to his original purpose and allowed him to be a teacher and educator once again, but this time in the field of real estate.


His mission is to unlock your inner potential by helping you escape your time sucking job.

  • Started in 2009 by purchasing a triplex. Currently owns over 480 units of rental property

  • Has trained 100's of people in real estate investing and analysis

  • Top 10 US Real Estate Investing Blog

  • From broke to "Retired" in 5 years. Quit working at the age of 30

"We were frustrated at the speed of our investing growth..."

Thanks to Eric's training,

Joe and Cecilia's Lives Changed!

"We’ve always had the dream of reaching financial independence but often found ourselves frustrated at the speed of our investing growth. We felt like we were capable of more but for some reason were not able to make it happen. Everything changed for us after we heard Eric speak at a real estate event.


Although the people we were listening to provide valuable information because we didn’t have a clear goal, hearing others would get us excited but caused us to lose focus and ultimately not even take action at all. Eric challenged us to ask ourselves the important questions that led us to figure out what we truly wanted in life and what our goal actually was. Our quality of life improved immediately now that every day that we go to our jobs, we know exactly what we are working for and we know exactly where we stand in our timeline to freedom.


...We can honestly say that he changed our lives."

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